Friday, 17 May 2013

Earnings for the first 2 weeks of May

Here are my earnings for the first 2 weeks of May. I got super busy so haven't been able to keep up with this little log sadly. I have updated my income for the last month on my total earnings page but I will try to keep updating this blog when I can.

Fiverr is going super well at the moment with my backlinking and proofreading jobs, so far for the month of May I have had 25 orders which has earned me $100, not bad for a part time pit of work on the side.

Hubpages is sadly falling by the wayside at the moment as I simply don't have time to write anything of my own but in all honesty it is still a nice little side earner. I haven't written anything in around 10 weeks sadly but the money continues to tick over. For the first 2 weeks in May I earned $11, not great but I have earned over $30 for the last 3 months in a row, not bad for not having written any new work really.

Squidoo is a total bust at the moment as well. I only have 3 earning lenses at this point in time so I am earning pennies a month. But if I ever find some time to work on some more articles I am sure I can get this up to a similar standard as my Hubpages, without having to have as many articles as I have on Hubpages. I have 2 accounts FancyThatUK and FancyThatUSA one promotes UK items and the other USA items.

My sales for this month so far only sit a £1.15, so I have £22.96 so far in the account - almost enough to actually make a payout! Yay! But no sales on my this month sadly, I have $25 exactly in the account so far and but need $100 before I can get a payout as I am in the UK! Hmmm so still a while off!

Adsense is a little all over the place at the moment as one minute there have been clicks and I have made money then the next day it's not there, very confusing! If it stays on track, this is set to be my best month to date with over £7 currently sitting in the account, but we shall have to wait and see what happens.

On the new site I have been looking into, Slicethepie, it actually seems like a pretty simple and legit way to make a little extra income on the side. I sat down for two 20 min stints and did a handful of quick reviews and made $2.69 - so I am not gonna get rich quick and this cant replace my day job or anything but to listen to a few bits of music and type a 250 word (ish) review it's pretty simple and I could easily do the odd few everyday and see this mounting up rather quickly. So for anyone who likes music and can string a few sentences together then Slice The Pie is a reasonable way to make an easy $10-$20 with just a little bit of work each week.

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