Monday, 4 March 2013

Round Up of February Earnings

Well February is over and done with, so it's time for another monthly earnings update. And I ain't done too shabby this month.

So here are the final totals for all the different income sources. 

I managed 4 new hubs this month all based around seasonal crafts/recipes, as they seemed to do so well over Christmas and around Valentines. Here they are for you to check out:
(see link for image source)

So my total for February for the ad programme and ebay clicks was $34.63

Didn't make the payout for anything in the tier system in February but hopefully I will be hitting it in March as a few of my lenses will finally have matured enough to qualify for a payment! It'll be a tiny payout (might not even make the $1 actually, but fingers crossed I might, but any earnings will be good really. I did make $0.31 via an sale though
I did make 2 new lens though

I made a great 35 sales this month, across all my different gigs. So I have been doing a lot of proofreading, editing and promoting. I will make around $140 once all the gigs clear.

With earnings coming from hub pages and the blogs it is still incredibly slow still! I fear I may never make any actually money via Adsense, I need to reach £60 to make a payout and so far I only have £5! Making just £1-£2 a month it'll take me years to get there. This month was a little low at only £1.12

Affiliate Sales
My sales have gone pretty well with a number of fancy dress items being sold through a Squidoo Lens on my personal link. I made 10 sales in total, and so far £6.55 in commission has cleared. My was a bit slower with just 1 low value sale, but 2 others cleared this month as well so made $2.24

2 little side bar ad sales made me £10. Not much but every little helps. I also had 3 little videos run throughout the month, which made me £1.30 via

Overall figures for February
  • Hubpages $34.63
  • Squidoo $0.31
  • Fiverr $140
  • Adsense £1.12
  • £6.55
  • $2.24
  • Blogging £11.30
Total earnings for February across all sources = $177.64 (£117.77 approx) + £18.97 = £136.74

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