Friday, 22 February 2013

21.02.13 - Third Weekly Round Up of February

Another week has sped by and this time I had hardly anytime for online work at all, rather disappointingly! Although I did have one large private client job instead which made up for the lack of online work I think. Although obviously it's only a one off payment rather than something that will continue to earn like a hub or lens.

But here are this weeks figures anyway

I managed to get up one new hub this week. Easter Card Making for Kids, which is an exclusive title so I am hoping for some decent results closer to the date. But it is currently still sitting in pending and has been for about 36 hours, which is very annoying.
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My views of my valentines hubs went really well up until the day but have obviously plummeted off since, One reached 10,000 views in a month, which I am so happy about, just goes to show how good a seasonal hub can be to your views and earnings. So I am now working on similar posts for the easter season. And will make a few Mothers Day craft ones, if I have time to get them out this week.

I literally just finished a new lens last night so i has only just gone live really. 2013 Ombre Dip Dye CLothing Trend: Where to buy, How to DIY and outfit Inspiration. I had seen a few other posts similar to this doing well on Squidoo so I thought I would put together one myself, it's not the type of post I like to do as it is very sales heavy and mainly just full of images, but I replicated a layout of one that is doing very well, to see if it would work. Fingers crossed as only time will tell.
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I did very well the first 2 weeks so I didn't expect the luck to continue, and it didn't, lol! I had 2 gigs this week, both for providing strong back links. The first was for a site called Bore Me which uploads daily videos on all sorts of subjects, often topical news, interesting technology and funny stuff. The Second was actually for a Wizzley Article all on learning to dance the waltz from online step by step videos and tutorials. A pretty good article actually, check it out: Learn to Dance the Waltz
These 2 added another $8 to my Fiverr sales for this month (see monthly total below)
Want to order any of my Fiverr gigs just click here.

It's told me I have now reached the threshold to decide how I want to be paid, so I am currently verifying my account. I am pretty sure I can't actually get any payment until I hit £60 though, which is miles and miles away! Be lucky if I hit it by the end of the year to be honest. Got a click on one of my blogs so made a little extra but it is still far too slow really.

Affiliate Sales
I actually made a sale on after over a year!!! Yay!!! And it wasn't just a few pennies either! It was a rather impressive £4.60 off 4 fancy dress costumes through my Where's Wally Fancy Dress Outfits Squidoo Lens. No sales this week though sadly

Well I'm still working on my Daily Craft Inspiration Blog, this blog and my regular Daisy Dayz blog. But my other 2 The Filmaholic Review and Less Waist More Taste have been pushed to the way side a little as I just haven't had time to write anything for them, I'm hoping to get back to regularly posting on all of them soon though

Figures for the month so far:
  • Hubpages $27.30 (up to the 20th, only cents off beating January's final earnings!!)
  • Squidoo $0.31
  • Fiverr $116
  • Adsense £1.01
  • Affiliate Sales £4.60
  • Affiliate Sales $2.24
  • Blogging £5
After the currency conversion I've made about £104. Obviously quite a lot of that is tied up in different sites for now though, but I will get it all eventually I hope.
I also just discovered Pay To Click sites, which look interesting but again a bit slow to make decent money, but I will have a go at them for a little while and get back to you on how it goes.

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