Saturday, 16 February 2013

14.02.13 - Second Weekly Round Up Of February

So thats a second week disappeared for Feb. I have a pretty busy week with my day job and some Fiverr gigs so haven't managed to do much other work online as this has taken up all my time. However I have been steadily making a nice amount of money which has made me pretty happy. Looks like I will easily beat January! So here is what I have been up to and how the figures are adding up.

I'm happy to say that thanks to a few Valentines Related hubs my earnings have been going really well.  I haven't actually written any hubs since last week, but the earnings have continued to climb.
My CPM is still a little on the low side, so I could have made more if my CPM was higher, but it is always up and down.

Well fiverr has been going seriously well! The first week I had 11 gigs and this second week I had another 16! 1 massive ebook proofreading job and 1 backlinking job. So this week is an awesome $64, not too shabby! 
You can see the book I edited on Amazon Kindle, it is called Frontline: A Soldier's Story by Alex Green

Affiliate Sales
Well I made another small sale this week, but they really aren't getting me anywhere fast sadly. I have to get to $100 before payout in the UK, I'm only at about $23, so a long way to go.

Gosh this is very slow to accumulate. I have it on Hubpages and my few blogs but they just aren't getting enough views to be making anything major at the moment.

I'm still not exactly keen on the whole tier system, but today is pay day and I think 1 or 2 of my lenses may actually be eligible but I'm not 100% sure! Plus not even 100% sure they will make anything anyway, but we shall wait and see. I am ahead being in the UK and assume it goes on US time so no idea when payments would go in anyway.
I did write 1 new lens this month though Great Pancake Moulds for Fun Pancakes, if you want to check it out, leave a comment and hit the like button, that would really help!

Figures for the month so far:
  • Hubpages $22.62
  • Fiverr $108
  • Affiliate Sales $2.24
  • Adsense £0.92
  • Squidoo $0.31
As you can see I have already succeeded in surpassing my £62.67 earnings for January, thanks to the rather awesome $108 on Fiverr, and that's after only 2 weeks! So pleased! Looking at around £85 after currency conversion so far.
Also still managing a few private client jobs as well, so this months earnings should be really good.

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