Friday, 1 February 2013

Round up of January Earnings

So that is January over and done with. And I think I have had a fairly productive month, earnings are ok, steadily increasing in comparison to last years, so all is goning well in my books.

Well here are the finally tally's from each of my Online Income sources for the month of January.

I have posted 4 new articles over the month. All with a Valentines Craft theme to them. The latest one is Handmade Card Ideas for Valentines Day, which I only posted 2 days ago. They are already doing really well, after some backlinking they have been picked up by search engines, so that is helping to send traffic my way. Obviously this will only last until Valentines Day but in the mean time, they are making me some nice earnings.
(see link for source)
The final earnings sit at around $27.74

I had just 1 gig this month. I don't get a lot of work on Gigbucks really, most my mini-job work comes from Fiverr, but I did one re-write job from there. So that is $4 in earnings

Very much the same as Gigbucks, I don't get many sales on FiveSquids but I got one this month for a re-write job, so that gained me another £4

Fiverr has been quite productive again this week. Actually been a quite productive month in total. I had 3 gigs up to last week and this final week in January I had 2 more backlinking ones (which are complete) and 2 proofreading ones (which I'm working on) one of which was actually worth 6 gigs. So in total that has earned me $48 this month. Not too shabby!

From my hubpages views and blog views Adsense earnings have reached £2.39 this month. But I have just added another blog to my adsense which I hope will help boost those pennies even more through February. Daily Craft Inspiration - will be daily pictures and links to all sorts of craft tutorials, inspirations and materials. I am hoping as craft and DIY are currently so popular I will be able to get a lot of hits from google, which will add to my adsense earnings.

Affiliate Sales
Well I'm actually a little disappointed with these. I only made $1.26 all month with and not a penny with but sales there have always been few and far between 

I have been able to join a few more Affiliate programmes this week so I am hoping that may occassionally turn into a sale in the coming months, but nothing yet, always seem to get lots of click throughs, but no one actually buying anything. I have on the other-hand managed to sell 1 side bar ad for Feb (and a few lined up for march) So that was £5. Plus I have an ebuzzing campaign video running (I won't include this figure yet as it is ongoing. But it is up to £1 from the first day)
(See link for source)

Sadly my store has had to go on stand still for a while as I have been too busy with the day job and all my online writing work to actually make anything to sell.

The same goes for our Zazzle Store. There are a few items up, but not as many as we plan and we haven't been able to promote much yet.

My squidoo accounts are both to new to earn me any mony for this month, and as far as I can work out I wont actually see any earnings until March - so it's just a bit of a waiting game. But if you want to see what I have written so far you can find them here: Fancy That UK - all about party, seasonal and fancy dress items for the UK market. Fancy That USA - all about Fancy Fress Costumes and Props and Fun Party Supplies Avaliable in the USA

Overall Figures For January
  • Hubpages $27.74
  • Gigbucks $4
  • FiveSquids £4
  • Fiverr $48
  • Adsense £2.39
  • Affiliate Sales $1.26
  • Blogging £5
Total for January earnings across all sources = $80.94 (£51.28 approx) & £11.39 = £62.67

I will also say the internet has allowed me to find 2 private clients, which has earned me an extra £55 this month as well.

Bringing my online earnings (in £ after conversion rates) to approx £117.67

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