Friday, 8 February 2013

07.02.13 - First Weekly Round Up of February

Well the first week of Feb has disappeared in a blur of work in my day job. I am working a long stretch of overtime shifts so my online work has had to sit on the back burner for a while. But that doesn't mean I have stopped completely. Here is what I have been up to this first week of February.

Hubpages has been doing really well this first week of Feb, thanks to a few Valentines Themed Lenses that I have. I know they say evergreen all year round hubs are the best to have, but the seasonal ones have been doing me so proud recently that I really think I will be spending some more time on targetting the holiday seasons throughout the year. Earnings up to the 7th have cleared so far, and they sit at (what I feel is a decently impressive $11.20 - which is the most I have made in 1 week since Christmas week. I'm still a little peeved though as the earnings could have been so much better if my CPM rate hadn't been so low. Decembers CPM average was $4.40, January's was only $2.95 and this months isn't looking any better, I am getting more views than last year but earning less because of the CPM rate. Highly annoying! Ah well, I suppose there is little I can do about than keep working and building my hubs. I have one new hub up - Great Pancake Recipes which i only just posted, so waiting to see how long it will take to get featured, then hope I'm in time to catch some of the Pancake Day rush.

I decided to have a bit of a clear out this week, and unpublish my idle hubs until I either have more time to work on them, to improve them or decide if I want to let them go. They had gone idle due to lack of views so I am not losing any earnings from losing their impressions luckily.

This is the same as always, slow! Just the off few pennies dripping in every day. At about £0.33 for the week so far, which is a little rubbish really, need the odd click to make it worth while. As Adsense won't actually pay out until you reach about £60 I think, there is a long way to go - currently at about £5, lol! So I don't really expect to be making any substantial money off adsense and I just might make a payout by the end of the year.

I have had a fairly decent week on Fiverr with 11 gigs being ordered across my different gig options for this first week of January. A few were backlinking, others were proofing and re-writing jobs. So that equals $44 before paypal fees.

Affiliate Sales
I have had 2 sales (not including the one on Squidoo) bringing me a total of $1.90 so far for the month. I haven't made any other Affiliate Sales this month yet.

I think I actually made an amazon sale on Squidoo this week - a little $0.31 appeared next to my Where's Wally Costumes lens, so that is my first bit of money to be made on Squidoo. I'm still not 100% on the workings of Squidoo so I'm not sure if I will be seeing any royalties added this month on the 15th or next month, but hopefully as a few of my lenses have stayed below the 80,000 ranking I should make something from the ad revenue tier system. I don't think it will be a lot by it will be a few cent I'm hoping! I still rather the Hubpages system but so many people seem to say once you have a decent amoun of lenses up on Squidoo it is easier to make more money than on Hubpages, but I am still waiting to see that.

I am working on a new lens about pancake molds which shuuld be ready in a few days so I will post the link when it is sorted.

I sold a side bar ad for March already and have been paid for it. So that is another £5 from the blogging. I have 2 more lined up but they have yet to confirm and pay. My Daily Craft Inspiration blog is going decently, although I haven't made a penny off it yet and no followers, it does get a handful of views everyday and I've only been doing it 1 week.

As my film reviews nearly all got idled on Hubpages I decided to move them all to their own blog - so The Filmaholic Review was born. This is more a project of love than an actually online money making idea as I have set myself the task of reviewing every single DVD we (me and the husband) own, standing at around 650 DVD's it could take me years, and that list is always growing. I love films so much and reviewing them has always been a bit of a passion (and a dream idea!) so I started doing the odd one, but have decided to focus on it a little more now with the dedicated blog. I mean I may make a little from adsense or affiliate sale, as I have linked to Amazon at the end of each of them, but I am not expecting to make much from it really.

So that is everything I have managed to get done.
Figures are sitting at:
  • Hubpages $7.92
  • Adsense £0.33
  • Squidoo $0.31
  • Fiverr $44
  • Blogging £5
  • Affiliate Sales $1.90
I'm hoping to improve on last months earnings online this month (not including my private client work) so I need to make around £62.67. Which after seeing the first weeks worth of earning I think is easily do-able! After conversions my first weeks income is around £39.79 - so over half way towards last months entire earnings, that is mainly due to a nice batch of Fiverr gigs in my first week. Sadly I can't rely on Fiverr gigs as they are sporadic in coming in and you never know how many you will get. But if I get some more I will be able to pass my January income easily - which means more money in our savings account!

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