Tuesday, 22 January 2013

21.01.13 - My Third Weekly Round Up of January

Week 3 has gone by in the blink of an eye, and I have actually been away all week so have done very little work online, not even much networking and backlinking. So here is all I have done:

This is another of the micro job sites I am a member of, just like Fiverr. To be honest I have been on here just as long as I have on Fiverr and have only done 3 jobs in total! I had a rewrite job on Gigbucks this week so that is $4 in the kitty for January.

I haven't added any new Hubs since last week yet, but I will say that my Valentines ones are doing pretty well on views this week and have thankfully given me a few days with a decent earning compare to my $0.50 a day of last week. Here are the 3 Valentines Hubs I have running currently:

Again no time to write any new lenses, but I have been working on a new Children's Colouring page one, which I will hopefully finish and get out this week coming, seeing as Valentines Day is fast approaching.

I haven't done any blogging on my Less Waist More Taste blog as the diet was off whilst we were away. But I'm always posting on my Daisy Dayz Lifestyle Blog and I am now on the look out for official sponsors. I have had a bit of interest so far so hopefully will be able to sell a few spaces by next month!

Affiliate Sales
Nothing extra on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk this week sadly, but I have been accepted to a few new Affiliate Sales Programmes on Affiliate Window, so I will be adding some posts linking to them on my blog over the next few weeks. All are fashion based - sadly I have had absolutely no sales in the past with Affiliate Window but I haven't pushed them at all, I intend this year to be a little different!

We have added a few more items and designs to our Zazzle Store though so I would love it if you checked us out Cross-Jones Photo Zazzle Store. Only had 1 little postcard sale at the end of last year, but are now looking at building a bigger shop and actually trying to promote it.
This is our Reed Flute Caves iPad Sleeve from a photo we took in China.

So there you have all of this 3rd week of Januarys work, not hugely active but here are the figures so far for the month:
  • $16.90 on Hubpages (up to the 20th)- this is only an estimate  but it is pretty decent I think
  • $12 on Fiverr
  • £4 on Fivesquids
  • $1.26 on Amazon.com
  • $4 on Gigbucks
  • $1.75 on Adsense for the month so far!
The figures are all looking pretty decent to be honest - I have actually been contacted for a few private freelance jobs too although for now I will not be including these as I don't really class them as Online Income, more just a job.

So how is everyone else doing on the Online Income front? Anyone got any tips they would like to share on where to earn money online, or increase current figures?