Thursday, 10 January 2013

09.01.13 - An Epic Squidoo Lens

We were busy for the majority of today, I was out collecting supplies for my little online craft shop, and 'spring' cleaning our bedroom. But I got straight to work as soon as we got home. 


 I thought I would dedicate my evening to finishing off the Squidoo Lens I have been working at for a few days now. Decided I really shouldn't be spending any more time on it, and I just needed to focus and get it finished! So it could at least start getting views and hopefully start earning me money. And I am happy to say that after a few more hours it is all done! Hooray! So you can check it out here - 50 Fancy Dress Costume Ideas Beginning with the Letter A. Please take a look and let me know your think!

I am a little annoyed that my hubpages earnings have plummeted quite so badly since the festive season, as it is currently lower then it was in November! And I have still got the hubs that were up before that date plus a few I have posted since then too. But I just can't seem to get my hits up to a reasonable amount to make a good daily pay from the Hubpages programme. I had calculated that if I was running at the same figures as November I would be able to make payout every 3 months, not great but at least it was a payout, at the moment it's looking like at least 4 months, not a happy bunny! Ah well all I can do it keep posting Hubs and hope the views pick up a little. Maybe it's another Google update that's hitting me and it will recover at some point.

Apart from our days jobs, and our effort to make money online we (my hubby and I) also have a small photography business. I know this isn't money we earned online but I thought I would share it with you anyway. We were out this week on a shoot with a local band called Smoking Aces. You can check out the whole set on our webpage Cross Jones Photography. We have thought about trying to make more money online selling stock images but we have yet to find the right website for us. Any tips in this field will be greatly appreciated. We are already on Zazzle and just taking some time to build our shop up. I will add updates on the Zazzle store when we start working on it some more.

So another post up on the Less Waist More Taste Diet blog I have. It is another daily 'What We Ate Post' featuring pictures of my Sausage Apple Pot for the Slow Cooker. I will be adding the recipe for it to Hubpages then linking it into the blog, to create a solid back link for it.

So that is all for today. Back in the day job tomorrow so probably will get very little online work done at all.

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