Tuesday, 8 January 2013

07.01.13 - Selling services on Mini Job Sites

I've not done a huge amount of work online today, but I managed to get in a little bit this evening.

Allegiant Finance Services - A PPI Reclaims company in the UK orderer one of my gigs for back links on Fiverr, so I spent a bit of time sorting that. Then a bit of time refreshing and reposting my other Fiverr Gigs in the hope of getting some new orders.

I have been spent most of my evening working on building stock for my etsy store - Daisy Dayz Emporium - which I hope to have fully stocked and ready to launch properly on the 1st of February.

I have posted another food blog post on my diet blog - Less Waist More Taste. It was an Up Day on our Alternate Day Diet so we were able to eat normally and went for a meal at Miller & Carter Steak and Grill House in Cardiff Bay

That is all for today I hope to be back to writing some things tomorrow

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