Friday, 18 January 2013

14.01.13 - The Second Weekly round up of January

Ok so this is a bit late being posted, but I am currently away so thought it would be easier to do a weekly round up than try to post all the things I have been up to. Even though I am away it hasn't stopped me getting some work done. 

I finally finished the epic 50 Fancy Dress Costumes Beginning with A lens that I had been working on all of last week. And over the last few days it has slowly been working it's way up the lens rank, it's currently sitting at 76,954. Sadly the other 2 of my lenses on my FancyThatUSA account have slipped down the ranks - keeping lenses well ranked is going to be the biggest challenge I think. Having them slip out of the top 80,000 before the end of the month means it will be harder to get them in to a paying tier ranking for January.
On my FancyThatUK account I have started work on a new lens about Free Downloadable Colouring Pages for Valentines Day Fun. My Where's Wally Costume Lens is still doing pretty well here, unlike my US version of it, but my New Years Eve Decorations Lens has slipped out of the ranking, which is only expected now that New Year has passed.

I don't like not being able to see my earnings for a minimum of 60 days on Squidoo, I much rather Hubpages system of seeing my earnings after 24 hours. It's hard to keep motivated when your not seeing any financial gains up front - none at all, even the pennies on Hubpages in the start was fun to see.

I have only had time to get one Hub sorted this week, although I have about 6 all in different stages of completion. I am aiming to get up a few more Valentines Day based hubs this week though, as the date is just a few weeks away and the 2 I already have up are doing pretty well already. So the hub I managed to finish this week was Great Valentines Day DIY Craft Ideas for your Home. Seasonal hubs may not get hits all year round but they get a huge boost around their season which is great for getting you some new readers. 
For some reason I have been getting lots of new followers this week, going from 256 to 326 in just a few days! Hopefully this will help get my hubs viewed and shared a bit more.

For both the Hubpages Hubs and Squidoo Lenses I have done my usual back links on twitter, facebook and pintrest - but a little bit of an interesting thing I noticed was that my Valentines Day Crafts for Kids  has actually been re pinned over 400 time!! Mental! So hopefully this will get me more views over the next few weeks, when we get closer to Valentines Day itself and people need to start making things.

I have only done 1 Fiverr gig this week, a bit of backlinking for a PPI Reclaims company called Allegiant Financial Services

I also did a Fivesquids gig this week though. Fivesquids is a british version of Fiverr, so instead of being $5 it is £5 per gig. I rewrote the landing/about me page for a reflexologist in the Marlow Area of the UK. Clare Cogan Reflexologist and Maternity Reflexologist.

Obviously I have this blogging which is slowly ticking over with the views but I haven't really had a lot of time to promote it yet. My Alternate Day Diet Blog - Less Waist More Taste is also going well, actually better than this one so far.

I have also just sorted a Sponsorship page for my Fashion and Lifestyle Blog - Daisy Dayz. Which will hopefully start to bring me in a few official sponsors, and some more money!

Affiliate Sales
I have managed to sell 4 small items via in the last week, not sure if it was via, hubpages, squidoo or my blog but they have made me $1.26 commission. Not a lot I know but as I have to reach $100 before a payout in the UK, every little helps! I know have $21.71 in there so I am getting there slowly.

So there you have the wrap up of my second week of the year.
Figures so far this month are sitting at 
  • £1.48 for adsense - a big increase on last week thanks to 1 little click!
  • $10.30 on Hubpages - this is only an estimate. I'm not too happy as my earnings dropped below the $0.50 a day mark for a few days when they really shouldn't have.
  • $12 on Fiverr
  • £4 on Fivesquids
  • $1.26 from
So week 2 was pretty similar to week 1 lets hope week 3 will keep on the same thread and I should make a decent amount by the end of January.

If weekly round ups work better I may just do it this way every week as I don't always have time to post daily.

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