Monday, 7 January 2013

The First Weekly round up of January

As the first week of January has pretty much passed in a blur. And I didn't actually get the blog up and running till a few days ago, I figured I should roll the whole of the first week into 1 post. So this is what I have been up to this first week.

I wrote an article all about Where's Wally Fancy Dress Costumes. Where you can buy Where's Wally and Where's Wenda Fancy Dress Costumes. All the props you will need for Where's Wally Outfits and links to Where's Wally and Where's Waldo websites and Free Online Games. I wrote one for the US market and one for the UK market. Here are the links to these articles if you would like to check them out: Where's Wally Costumes for Adults and Where's Waldo Costumes for Adults. I also did a fair amount of back-linking for these too, on places like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Stumbled. I also linked them to each other, to help make some back links and a little circle of information.

I also made a big start on a new Lens for my US Account - Fancy That USA - It's going to be 50 Fancy Dress Outfit Ideas Beginning with the Letter A. It's almost done, so I should be able to post it live next week. 

I finished off and posted 4 hubs in the last week:
The Complete Works of DaisyDayz - Which is a library/database of all of my Hubpages articles,  listed under their relevant topic. This serves a few purposes; firstly it makes it easier for my reader and followers to find a specific article or to look for something that might interest them. But it also works as a back link to all of my articles too, which is very helpful.

DaisyDayz Loves to Cook - It is essentially the same as the Complete Works post but only for all my Hubbed recipes, I realised I had so many of them on Hubpages it would be easier for them to have their own dedicated page. Again this also works as a back link to all of my recipe hubs.

I like to get a head start on the big seasons so thought I would start working on Valentines Day articles. 

Simple Valentines Day Crafts for Children - This one is pretty much self explanatory. This is an article all about Valentines Day Crafts that Children can make and give to their friends on Valentines Day. Great easy and cheap kids crafts where they can make valentines cards, valentines lollipop butterflies, love bugs and a few other things.

Romantic Valentines Day Food Recipes - This post has some great Valentines Day Recipes for couples. I have featured links to Heart Pancake Recipes, Heart Shaped Ravioli Recipes, Heart Shaped Pizza Recipes and a Cupcake Recipe with hearts backed into the centre. Enough recipes to get you through a whole day of Romantic Food for two.

Again I have back linked all the hubs on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and a few other sites.

I did 2 gigs this week, proofreading gambling site reviews:
  • Spin Palace Review
  • Unibet Review
  • Expekt Review
  • Paddy Power Review
  • 888 Casino Review
  • Dash Casino Review

Other than this new blog, me and my husband also started a diet blog to track our alternate day diet, what we are eating on the 5/2 diet, diet and health eating recipes we are cooking and reviews of Diet meals and snacks. We hope this may help us earn a little more on adsense. It's called Less Waist More Taste, and we aim to update it daily with what we are eating, so it is a food diary.

Think that is a pretty thorough update of this first week in 2013.
Figures are sitting at:
  •  £0.17 for adsense
  • $4.10 on hubpages - this is only a estimation though
  • $8 on Fiverr
Let's hope next week is just as productive.

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