Sunday, 6 January 2013

Online Income Work before 2013

So as this is my first official post on this blog I figured I should get you up to date as to where I already am, in regards to my Pursuit of an Online Income. If you want to know more about me, why I am writing this blog and what my aim is then, check out the About Me post.

So this is where I currently stand.

Hubpages: I have spent the last 9 months working on my hubpages account, and have built up, what I feel is a rather impressive 104 hubs! You can see my account here, with all my articles. In December I made enough revenue to pass the payment threshold of $50 for the first time, so now I am waiting for my first payout to see exactly how much I get. But my diary will be working from the start of 2013 so I won't count the 2012 money. Although obviously that fact that I have already put in 9 months of work will make it easier to make money a little quicker in 2013. Sadly my views took a nose dive after Christmas, but they are sitting steadily around 300 a day at the moment. So my aim is to first try and hit around 1000 views a day regularly.

Squidoo: Now Squidoo is a bit different I have only been writing on there for about 3 weeks. As there isn't really a payout threshold, $1, I actually have 2 accounts, as I don't have to worry so much about accumulating enough for a payout. - FancyThatUK and FancyThatUSA - they primarily have the same things on them but one is for the UK market whilst the other is the US market, pretty obvious I suppose! I have 4 lenses in total. They are going to be niche sites based around party supplies and fancy dress ideas, and I am hoping to use them to make Affiliate sales, rather than relying on Ad revenue as the Squidoo Tier system is very difficult. So as of now I have made nothing on there, I also won't find out if I have made anything for around 2-3 months, due to the delay on it.

Fiverr - I have also been here for 9 months, mainly offering proofreading, copywriting and editing jobs. I have the odd bit of success when I get large orders and to date have cashed out $526 (£324), not bad really. I have actually done 4 gigs since the start of 2013, which comes to $16 (£9.84) so they are my first official online income for 2013. 

Affiliate Sales: I work mainly with Amazon on Hubpages and Squidoo, and occasionally on my own blog. But sometimes I use other affiliate sites too although I have yet to make anything from other sites. My account is currently sitting at £8.96 although I haven't made any sales in over a year, so a little worried about that. My account is at $20.45 and I have made all of that in 3 months via Hubpages. So I hold out hope for making some money via that this year.

Well I think that is everything at the moment. I will now be updating this blog, hopefully everyday, with the work I am doing to help build a little more online income or towards my residual income.

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