Wednesday, 9 January 2013

08.01.13 - Hubbing Good Recipes

I have been in my day job nearly all of today so haven't really had a huge amount of time to do much work online. But I still got a little done, as I said I would try to everyday.

The main thing I have done today is do some networking in the blog world. I have been visiting other bloggers and leaving nice comments, and following blogs. Plus sorting out my Google+ profile and starting to find and follow people I know on there. I have already spent so much time doing this for my personal fashion blog - Daisy Dayz, but this is linked to a different email and Google+ account so I am having to work at it all again. At least I know what I am doing and that it really does work, and I know how important it is to network with other bloggers as they make up a large percentage of your regular readers. I have been focusing on Diet and Healthy Living Blogs to help bring views to my Less Waist More Taste Diet Blog.

I managed to get up a new recipe post today - Honey, Mustard and Marmalade Glazed Ham. It is a seriously yummy recipe that is great for the festive season, but will be good all year round. It is especially great for family parties or large gatherings. Just let it chill, slice it and serve with a pile of salad, new potatoes and crispy fresh bread rolls. Plus I did the usual back links for this new hub too. I'm feeling a bit at a loss with Hubpages at the moment. Since the Christmas peek on views they have totally plummeted again, barley scrapping in $0.70 a day where as I was clearing at least $1 everyday in the 2 weeks before Christmas and the week after. So I am hoping if I start putting up hubs frequently again the views will pick back up, but who knows.

Spent the last part of my evening working on that bumper Squidoo Lens - 50 Fancy Dress Costume Ideas Beginning with the Letter A. It is going to be a mega Lens, I just hope all the effort I am putting in is worth it. It is nearly finished, so hopefully if I get some time tomorrow I will be able to complete it and post it live. I want to do the whole Alphabet but after the amount of work this one has taken I am a little worried that it will take to long, so think I will be making other lenses in between each of the letters. They are very comprehensive with lots of different things, so I hope they will be popular and pick up a few search engine hits.

That is all for today. 

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